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Feb. 08 Beginning

Who's ready for the next challenge? Sorry, I meant to post this last night but I forgot.

We've got a 2-parter this time, in honor of Valentine's Day.

First the Beginning....


A body dropped out of the sky with no warning, landing with a thud in a heavily wooded area of the park.

“Damn!” a voice slurred as the man struggled from the ground. The shadowy figure stumbled and tripped along as he tried to recover from the fall and the excessive amount of alcohol flowing through his system. He stretched his wings experimentally, checking for damages.

“Damn her! Damn them all!” the man muttered loudly. He was sick of Her Royal Bitchiness, aka Venus, ruining all his fun. He hadn’t meant to spill the ceremonial wine on her favorite gown, but did she cut him any slack? No! She totally blew it out of proportion and banished him from the realm like an outcast. Well, he wasn’t going to just lie down and suffer…at least not alone.

They had complained that he was shirking his duties, neglecting those in need. Bah! So he liked to imbibe a little more than most of the gods, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t still do his job. But after the first human girl in over a thousand years rebuffed him, he had felt the need to drown his sorrows. Damn Woman’s Lib! He knew that had been a bad idea. He had moped about, and even resorted to pleading with Zeus for help, not that it did any good. He was forbidden to cast on his own behalf. What, was he a lowly vengeance demon now, forever bringing love to undeserving mortals, but never finding any for himself?

Bastards! He was Cupid, dammit! He was the Master of Love, the Provider of Passion, the General of Jiggyness…okay, so maybe he shouldn’t have had that last goblet of spirits.

He finally raised his eyes to scan his location. Hmm, a Hellmouth. Just what he needed to get his creative juices flowing. Surely he could find some action here. There were always plenty of vampires and demons to play with here, and most were usually below the radar of the gods, which made them excellent toys to manipulate and enjoy. His very own theater, with him as puppet master. Delicious!

Now he only needed to find some puppets, he thought drunkenly as he unfurled his battered wings and fluttered off towards town.

TBC...by you!


Who will be Cupid's victims?
What type of chaos will a god bring to the Hellmouth?
Will it be a disater? or a blessing in disguise?


Second part to our special month... It's THE LOVE CONNECTION!!!

 I've made a het and a slash banner, for whichever floats your boat. 

This does NOT have to be about Spike/William, but his body worked best for the manip so I went with it. 
If you use other characters I'd be happy to make a banner to represent them with your name and title on it.

This can be any pairing/character in a 'love connection' type setting. Your story can be before/during/after the date.
What was the character's feelings watching the videos and trying to decide on who to pick for a date?
What was the date like?
How does Chuck react to hearing about the date?
Does the character pick another date? If so, how does that go?
Was the date a disaster? Or true love?
How did the audience rank his choice?

Does anyone have any other ideas they'd like to share?

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