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Jan 08 Beginning
by kargrif (kargrif)
at December 31st, 2007 (02:23 pm)

Jan 08 Beginning. 

What if Buffy had actually recieved a copy of the Slayer's Handbook??

Word count: 257


Giles carefully set the old book down on the table.
“What’s this?” Buffy asked, snapping her gum.
“This is the slayer handbook,” Giles explained seriously.
The chair legs that the slayer had been leaning back in dropped to the floor with a loud bang. She stared at the book in disbelief. “It really exists? I thought it was just a joke.”
“I assure you, this is no joke. This slayer handbook is one of approximately twenty copies still in existence. When a slayer di--when a new slayer is called, a handbook is couriered from the nearest Watcher to the newly activated watcher. Most watchers that have…lost their charges retain their copy until they send their book on to the newly called slayer or retire from active duty. The number of books has dwindled due to Watchers falling alongside their slayers in their final battle. This book is to be treated with care.”
Buffy poked the book gently, barely lifting the cover. “So other slayers have carried this, huh? Does it have like, super fighting techniques or slayer secrets in it or something?”
“Might I suggest you read and find out? This is not something that I can force upon you. Your heritage comes at a great cost, I know, and all I can do is to encourage you to explore your gifts and powers to their fullest potential.”
Buffy stared at the book for a moment longer before gingerly picking it up. She looked at the cover silently before sliding it into her bag.
“Thanks, Giles.”
TBC…by you!!
When I wrote this I envisioned a Pre-Season 4 Buffy but if you can make it work for any other season please do so. (Twist my twist *snerk*) Also it could be something Buffy put away after flipping through once and not really reading, sorta like in Season 5 when she really got serious about her powers, she could decide to get it back out and really read it. 
Once again I offer some Ideas/Suggestions/Possible Plots. If you have any of your own and would like to offer them up please add a comment. Or if you have your own plot bunnies and decide to write well then…yay!!!
What does Buffy find the in Slayer Handbook? Facts? Stories? Lives of other slayers? Information on demons/vampires that she didn’t have before?
How will it affect her relationships with Angel and/or Spike and/or any vampire she’s encountered? Maybe a random vamp that she ‘has a moment’ with?
How will it affect her relationships with the rest of the gang?
How will it affect her destiny and/or her willingness/reluctance to fight?
Will her ideas/feelings about her calling be changed in any way?
Will this make her more dedicated or make her rebel even more?
How would it affect the way Buffy dealt with the threats she’s faced over the years.
Is there something in the Handbook that could change the other Scoobies minds about their fight against evil?
Is there a secret that Giles maybe forgot about/didn’t know about hidden in the tome?

Remember that this can be about any character/pairing and how the changes would have related to them.
Tell us! Please! Tell us what happened ‘and then’….