April 26th, 2008

Mod Post / May at buffy_and_then

Hey all! Wanted to make a quick post about buffy_and_then

For May I wanted to do give everyone a second chance at any 'beginnings' that anyone was interested in but for time/muse reasons didn't get it finished/posted on time.

So for anyone who had an idea or start for a previous Beginning dust those plot bunnies off and show us what you've got!

Links to previous Beginnings 
Nov 07 - Gem of Amara not sent to Angel

Dec 07 - Angel doesn't see Buffy until arriving in Sunnydale

Jan 08 - Buffy finally gets her slayer handbook

Feb 08 - Cupid plays havoc in Sunnydale / Love Connection Banner Challenge

Mar 08 - Buffy hurt / Angel unavailable

Apr 08 - Spike loses his soul during Chosen