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Sept 08 Beginning

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything, RL has been a tad ...ehhhh! lol

September 08 Beginning.

Set during: Season 4, Harsh Light of Day.

Thanks to Spikelovebite for beta’ing.





“Xander, get out of here!” Buffy yelled across the courtyard.


Before Xander could turn, he felt strong hands lifting him up before quickly slamming him back down into a black clad knee. His body sailed a good distance before a thick metal flag pole stopped his journey.


“So, you let Parker take a poke, eh?” the blonde vampire taunted. “Didn't seem like you know each other that well. What did it take to pry apart the Slayer's dimpled knees?”


“You're a pig Spike,” the slayer snarled in disgust.


Her opponent jumped from his perch on the short set of stairs, swinging his leg out on the way down to strike Buffy in the face.


Spike smirked, “Did he play the sensitive lad and get you to seduce him? That's a good trick…if the girl’s thick enough to buy it.”


Buffy whirled, delivering a roundhouse kick, which Spike followed with an equally vicious hit, sending her flying backwards.


“I wonder what went wrong. Were you too strong? Did you bruise the boy?” A long, pink tongue curled salaciously. “Whatever. I guess you're not worth a second go. Come to think of it, seems like someone told me that. Who was it?” He adopted a thoughtful mien, then smiled cruelly. “Oh, yeah. Angel.”


Buffy jumped up, her anger fueling her fight. The kicks and punches were coming in blinding succession, her movements wild and harsh. Pottery smashed as the fight moved closer to the edge of the courtyard. Lashing out with her fist, she caught the stumbling vamp in the face before grabbing the arm with the ring on it and twisting viciously.


“Take it off me this way, we both burn,” Spike panted hoarsely.


“Really? Let's see,” she snarled.


Buffy jerked the ring off his finger and waited for the instant burst of flame and smoke that she had been expecting. When no impressive display of vampyrotechnics was forthcoming, they looked at each other blankly.


“I’m not burning,” Spike whispered in awe.


“You’re not burning,” Buffy repeated dully.


A slow, wicked smile gradually replaced the wonder on Spike’s face. “Looks like things have changed, pet.”


TBC…by you!




Just a few things I thought of right off....

What happened to keep Spike from burning?

Is it temporary or permanent?

Did it affect Harmony as well?
Would it affect Angel as well?

How would the fight between Spike and Buffy go this time?

If Spike defeated Buffy how would things turn out for the Scoobies/AI gang?

Would Spike target the Scoobies? Angel? Or find other things to amuse himself with his ultimate immortality?


Remember the beginning/challenge can be answered from any POV or timeline (present, future) and can be focused on any character or pairing.


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