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June 08 Beginning

Beginning for June 08
Timeline: Summer following Season 4 Finale
The actual beginning was:
Written by kargrif
Beta’d by spikeslovebite 

Watchers Diary – Buffy Summers, Slayer

July 25, 2000

It has been two months since the fall of the Initiative and consequently since the joining of essences between Buffy, Willow, Xander, and myself. The slayer dream we shared that night opened our selves to the innermost thoughts and fears we each harbored. It opened us to the feelings and doubts that plague us daily. We walked away from the experience more cautious with each other, more tempered in our previous thoughtlessness, more aware of others feelings.

The newfound sensitivity was at first a blessing, but now I fear it has unforeseen consequences. The link between us has not faded in time as we first thought, but has instead grown more and more powerful. Feelings and thoughts I have never before entertained randomly filter through my head, and in calling upon the link using meditation and a great deal of concentration, I can at times trace the emotion back to the original host.

There is little to be hidden between us these last few weeks. As the emotional strain grows, the small amount of defenses we have tested weakens to the point of uselessness. We have been researching nonstop for a counter or damping spell to ease the burden, but have thus far been unsuccessful. I fear if something is not discovered soon, the ending results could be disastrous.

Rupert Giles, Watcher 

TBC…by you!

*crosses fingers for happy muses*
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