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April 08 Beginning by Sevendeadlyfun
by kargrif (kargrif)
at April 2nd, 2008 (08:09 am)

Sorry I'm late posting, mom was out of town and I was on Great-Grandma-sitting duty. 

I'm totally excited about this month you get to do a challenge not written by me, lol, sevendeadlyfun has written an awesome beginning and hopefully it will get a lot of great fic in response.

Written by sevendeadlyfun
Setting: AtS S5 Episode "Destiny", beginning dialog taken from same.
Word count: 214
Please credit sevendeadlyfunif you use the beginning as part of your fic. 

"Hold on," Spike said, a smirk playing at the edges of his mouth. "You read the prophecy? The one you don't believe in? Uh, load of rubbish, you said? Well, isn't that bloody interesting."

He leaned back, staring in amusement as Angelus fumbled his way through a series of disjointed and irritated explanations. Nothing like winding the old man up for a bit of a laugh. Precious few things to bring him a bit of cheer now. Girl gone, no meaning in this fight, and he wasn't sure the body he walked around in was really his.

And right in the middle of all that, a bloody great fat hole where his soul used to be. He'd felt it, burning through him in Sunnydale; watched his soul incinerate evil, purify the town. But, when he'd rematerialized in Angel's office, he hadn't felt it. At first, he chalked it up to being a ghost. After all, what's a spook need with a soul?

But now, with the world coming apart at the seams and his supposed soul wreaking havoc on the fate of mankind or whatever other bloody nonsense Angelus was rambling about, he knew. His soul was gone, and it wasn't coming back. Just one more thing he'd lost back on that bloody Hellmouth...

To Be Continued....by you!


So this should be able to go in so many ways, pretty much most pairings can be used. 
Also don't forget that the 'beginning' can be about how the change affects the people around Spike as well. 
How will Spike deal with his soullessness?
Will Buffy and Gang find out about his return?
How would Spike's lack of soul affect his and Angel's relationship since they wouldn't be competeing for the Shanshu? As well as the arc of Season 5? Would the ending of the season turn out the same?